4 Simple Rules of the Race!

Being a virtual race, all competitors are participating on an honor system. Do yourself a favor and don't cheat yourself.  

1. You may start the race anytime after 7am. Run, walk, skip, crawl, hop… However you choose to do the race, just work hard and complete it!

2. You must post on Facebook or Instagram and tag us. 

-Facebook: @Obstacle Destruction

-Instagram: #odvirtualraces or @obstacle_destruction

3. Fill out the form to document your completion and don’t forget to take a picture of yourself when you submit your results. 

4. The most important one of all… HAVE FUN WITH THIS! 

Last little reminder: Don't forget to start your watch at the beginning and stop it at the end. You'd be surprised how often this is forgotten.

Good Luck! 

Finished! Upload a picture.