More About Our Races

Are the races the same every month?

Absolutely NOT. We change up the the order and intermix a wide variety of obstacles to keep things interesting and challenging. 

Do I have to run?

No! Run, walk, jog, skip, crawl... We don't care as long as you're out having a good time being active!

Do I have to race on a certain day and time?

We've designed our races to accommodate your time and schedule. For each race we allow a full week for you to run your race and submit your entry.

Can I run run more than once?

Yes! We love seeing you try to beat your personal time and keep climbing to the top of the results board by racing multiple times throughout the week. 

Is there a limit to how many I can submit in the week?

Nope. Race as many times as you want/can. Just get at least one entry in by the cut off day and time.  

What if I don't want to do any obstacles?

We have options to just run while still earning your Obstacle Destruction Virtual Race shirt!

Now is your chance to find out what this is all about and become a part of a growing modern day race. Curious what a race looks like? Keep scrolling down and see our example. Ready to get started? Click below and find the race that is best fit for you!


Here's an example of what your race looks like.